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Take off your bandaging

  -If you have a plastic wrap covering take it off within 2-4 hours of getting tattooed

  -If you have a Saniderm or "second skin" covering take it off within 3-4 days

  -It is typically easiest to take bandages off in the shower 

Wash Tattoo

  -Wash with clean hands and antibacterial soap only

  -Do not use a rag.

  -Pat dry with a clean towel

  -Wash tattoo once a day, but make sure to not overwash as it can be drying.

Apply a thin layer of tattoo salve for 2-4 days

  -Aquafor is a petroleum based salve that is easy to find at the drug store

  -Hustle Butter is an excellent vegan tattoo aftercare salve that I personally use and you can order here

Allow the tattoo to peel on it's own

  -Please keep in mind that all bodies heal differently 

  -When the tattoo begins to peel feel free to switch to a plain unscented lotion such as Lubriderm  

  -If scabbing occurs, keep it moist with a thin layer of tattoo salve but try to avoid getting the skin too soggy 

  -Do not pick at any peeling or scabbing skin

Stay away from possible contaminants

  -Tattoos are open skin and need to be treated as such 

  -Do not submerge your tattoo underwater for 2-3 weeks including baths and pools

  -Avoid pet dander 

  -Do not expose your fresh tattoo to the sun

Use sunscreen to protect and prolong the life of your tattoo

  -Use only after the tattoo is fully healed



The best way to prepare and care for a tattoo is to treat your body well