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I am currently interested in tattooing medium to large scale botanical designs, full color, and arm sleeves.



I work out of Tattoo Dumond in Downtown Denver. There is paid street parking and and a day rate lot on Acoma St. My workspace is located on the second floor, and is only accessible by stairs. If you need arrangements for accessibility, please let me know and I can find a shop to work out of for the day that will fit your needs. 


To book a tattoo, email with the subject matter you’d like tattooed in the email title. Please include a description of your tattoo idea, placement, size, budget, color or black work, and reference images if you have them. Allow at least two weeks for a reply. If your tattoo proposal is accepted I'll send a link to book an in-person consultation on my online calendar. 



During your consultation we'll go over the details of your tattoo together, place a deposit, and schedule the amount of appointments you need to complete the project. I do not send out designs before appointments as I may draw them the day beforehand or in some cases need to freehand them directly.  



Most tattooing sessions last around 3 hours each, unless discussed upon previously with me. Some tattoos may require multiple sessions. Tattoos must be given 3 weeks to heal in-between sessions. 



To book an appointment, you'll need to place a $100 non-refundable deposit upfront. My hourly tattooing rate is $180.


I accept card and cash. My card reader allows for tipping. A 15-20% tip is considered standard, but this is up to your discretion. 


Clients can reschedule through the booking system that they made their appointment through. Please give 3 days notice if you need to reschedule.



Please wear comfortable clothing that will not hinder accessibility to the tattoo and that you are not worried about getting ink on. There is bathroom where you are able to change. If you get chilled while getting tattooed, consider bringing a cardigan and wearing thick socks. 


Touch ups

I provide free touch ups within the first year. Any touch ups after then will be charged my typical rate. 


Take off your bandaging

 - If you have a plastic wrap covering take it off within 2-4 hours of getting tattooed

 - If you have a Saniderm or "second skin" covering take it off within 3-4 days

 - It is typically easiest to take bandages off in the shower 

Wash Tattoo

 - Wash with clean hands and antibacterial soap only

 - Do not use a rag

 - Pat dry with a clean towel

 - Wash tattoo once a day, but make sure to not over wash as it can be drying.

Apply a thin layer of tattoo salve for 2-4 days

 - Aquafor is a petroleum based salve that is easy to find at the drug store

 - Hustle Butter is an excellent vegan tattoo aftercare salve that I personally prefer

Allow the tattoo to peel on it's own

 - Please keep in mind that all bodies heal differently 

 - If scabbing occurs, keep it moist with a thin layer of tattoo salve but try to avoid getting the skin too soggy 

 - Do not pick at any peeling or scabbing skin

Stay away from possible contaminants

 - Tattoos are open skin and need to be treated as such

 - Do not submerge your tattoo underwater for 2-3 weeks including baths and pools

 - Avoid pet dander 

Use sunscreen to protect and prolong the life of your tattoo

 - Do not expose your fresh tattoo to the sun

 - Use sunscreen only after the tattoo is fully healed

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